Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Full time craftiness!!

So I quit my job and decided that staying home and sewing would be much more fun! And so far it is.....just need to earn some pennies too!!!
Since I became a full time crafty person I've made 12 sockosaurus and 6 cats, which is great as long as someone actually buys them.
I also got invited to join an amazing group of artisans called The Artisan Group. They supply handmade goodie bags to famous type people at awards ceremonies in the USA. As a result, my business cards will be distributed in bags at the 2012 Academy Awards!! Which isn't bad progress for 2 days of craftiness....
Saturday brings my first instore demo session at Hobbycraft on Preston's Deepdale Retail Park. I'll be sat sewing, showing folk how to make my sock creations - just hope they don't catch on too fast! I'll also be selling my creations so hopefully some pennies will be made.

Here are some piccies of the fruits of my first 2 days labour.............

A dozen Sockosaurus

6 Sock Cats

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