Monday, 19 September 2011

The Artisan Group ROCKS the GBK Productions Emmys Gift Lounge!

I've just spent the weekend absolutely glued to my fb and twitter feeds as I followed the Artisan Group at the GBK Productions Emmys Gift Lounges.
The Artisan Group, of which I am a proud member, were gifting handmade swag bags to 100 celebrities containing 30 items made by members. They are currently receiving amazing feedback from the celebrities who were lucky enough to get a swag bag and I hope that the artisans who contributed go on to benefit massively from their involvement.

To see who is saying what, follow @theartisangroup or search #artisangroup on Twitter :)

I can't wait for my turn when my business cards will be at the GBK Productions Oscars Gift Lounge!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Orders v. sick kids

Well I'm meant to be making 2 monkeys and a cat today - what am I doing instead?? Took 1 daughter to the Docs as she had a lump behind her ear - turned out to be a swollen gland due to her having scratched a hole in her head. Then just as I had dropped her off at nursery and rushed back to town to have lunch with my Mum and Uncle (down on a rare trip from Scotland) I got the dreaded call from school "I'm sorry Mrs Maudsley but your daughter appears to have transformed into a vomit fountain in the playground. Please collect her ASAP!!!" (or words to that effect anyway)
SO now I have to wait for their Dad to come and collect the vomit comet as they are due to be at his house tonight. I WILL get back to the orders.............