Monday, 5 September 2011

Orders v. sick kids

Well I'm meant to be making 2 monkeys and a cat today - what am I doing instead?? Took 1 daughter to the Docs as she had a lump behind her ear - turned out to be a swollen gland due to her having scratched a hole in her head. Then just as I had dropped her off at nursery and rushed back to town to have lunch with my Mum and Uncle (down on a rare trip from Scotland) I got the dreaded call from school "I'm sorry Mrs Maudsley but your daughter appears to have transformed into a vomit fountain in the playground. Please collect her ASAP!!!" (or words to that effect anyway)
SO now I have to wait for their Dad to come and collect the vomit comet as they are due to be at his house tonight. I WILL get back to the orders.............

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