Friday, 27 January 2012

Introducing......Lady Monkey of Sock!!!!

As promised here an update on the monkey I am making for Elizabeth McGovern who plays Lady Cora in Downton Abbey.

I definately didn't want to make a caricature monkey...and I hope the finished product doesn't appear to be as such. I spent quite a while online researching appropriate costumes but in the end I took my Downton Abbey book to the fabric shop!!!

Armed with two shades of crushed velvet, some co-ordinating satin and lace I spread it all around me while I made the basic monkey.

I made the decision to leave off the arms and ears while I got her dressed to avoid getting threads tangled. Once I had the skirt and blouse on I added the arms and then the overcoat.

Next stop were ears, and then the hair which is added as 1 whole length stitched in loops.

That's a bit wild and woolly for a Lady so a trip to the hairdressers was in order. In addition to a hair cut and style I added her features, earrings and a tiara. And this is the finished monkey!!!

So she will be off to Elizabeth McGovern on Monday morning!!! I hope she likes her custom monkey.


  1. Love this! You do an amazing job on these. Looking forward to reading more of you blog!

  2. That is too cute, Emma! I do hope we get to see it on the show!!